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We’re one of the country’s leading producers of Electronic Weighbridge and Electronic Scales, and we’re accredited to the international standard of quality management system ISO 9001:2015. Distributed throughout the width and depth of the country, we have 23 fully-stocked Branches and 18 Service & Maintenance Centres. The Group has deployed a wide variety of weighing infrastructure, including over 11,000 Electronic Weighbridges. Manufacturing, construction, and agriculture are just a handful of the many sectors that rely on our Weighbridges.

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The Raj and Company Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1992, however the company’s roots go back much farther, to the production of traditional Mechanical Weighing systems. After just a few period of time on the market, the name “RAJ” has already become synonymous with quality and dependability. As the country’s leading producer of weighbridges, Raj and Company now operates regional service centres. Over time, Raj grew to include not just one, but two separate production facilities, each with their own state-of-the-art research labs.

Throughout every stage of manufacturing, we will use stringent quality control measures. Our company is dedicated to providing high-quality goods at affordable prices, and we strive to achieve this goal every day. To sum it all up, we want to provide service that is above and above what is normally expected of us and to ensure that every single client is 100% satisfied. This dedication has allowed us to become the nation’s leading producer of weighbridges, earning the respect of our clientele along the way. Employee numbers are much over 100 at this point.

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We are also deals in Surface-mounted, Pit-Less Type Devices Weighbridges are often installed at an elevation that is higher than the surrounding ground, and ramps on either side of the structure allow vehicles to approach and use the structure. The most ideal sites for installing this kind of weighbridge are those that do not have any space constraints, have ample room for cars to manoeuvre around, and have ramps leading up to the platform from where the weights are read. Scales manufactured by Caliber are widely regarded as the industry standard for pitless, surface-mounted weighbridges.